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Today, in North West England, I would say that it is our first official sunny weekend and it has been magnificent ! I got home today from a friend's house at around 12:30 to find my Dad and siblings just hanging around in the garden; something I haven't seen since last summer! So I thought that I must too hold up one of our proud English Traditions- that if it is even the tiniest bit sunny we must sunbathe!
And if I do say so myself I did it rather well, I got changed from my pretty little floral dress, into my little denim shorts and a boho styled top, however that just wasn't doing it well enough so I found a stripy bikini, oh yeah!
Having very fair skin, I'm already covered in freckles and I managed to get burnt! My legs are covered in after sun, so hopefully they will do slightly brown!

This is Wilbur. Wilbur used to be my wicker piggy, however all the wicker has died, so now he is just a wire piggy, but he is still my Wilbur nonetheless, I may even take him to University with me, in a year and a half! Basically I love Wilbur, a lot!
Also yesterday celebrates the resurrection of my sunglasses! I love my sunglasses; they make everything look like it's been cross processed and I love that effect, everything is just too bright when I take them off though, it's like being a vampire; it burns, it burns!
I hope everyone had a lovely sunny weekend, filled with laughter and smiles.
So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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