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As an art student you spend so much of your time creating pieces that once your exam is over are never to be seen again (well this is generally the case for GCSE art, unless they keep your art to be displayed in the school (without asking you, I'm not annoyed about that, I swear)). 
One of my favourite pieces that I did over those 2 years was in fact the last piece I ever did for my GCSE Art. This was a painting of a collection of pansies that I fell in love with when I went to take photographs at Dobbies. They are the little adorable pansies
The style of the piece was based on the work of Georgia O'Keeffe, which when you know the real meaning and messages behind some of her pieces you may be slightly disturbed; so have fun researching!

So this used to be what was over my bed, which was rather frustrating as I'd want Audrey Hepburn on top because the canvas is smaller, but because of the way my lovely Dad arranged the hooks on the wall, it wouldn't have worked *sad face*.

To hang up my painting I had to get creative, so I used a piece of spare ribbon, two squares of paper, some super glue and LOTS of PVA glue. Had to give it a lot of time to dry, I was far too scared it was going to fall on my head while I was asleep if I didn't let it dry properly.

  There you can see how big the painting is in comparison to the wall. It matches the colour of the wall rather well and I think it's pretty! 
I know and I can see clearly that the painting of the wall isn't straight, but I didn't do it, neither do I care, because my lovely Mum painted my wall while I was at School one day *smiles*.

I just couldn't resist signing it either, just in case anyone doesn't believe I painted it. Okay, it's not my actual signature, but I reckon people should actually be able to read the name and the date is important! Hard to believe I painted this when I was only 16!

Has anyone else done anything arty they are particularly proud of?
The title of this post is a quote by Elizabeth Barrett Browning in a 'Flower in a Letter'.
So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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