Very Icy In Scotland!


This weekend I was a very very very lucky lady; I got to go to Scotland with my friend from Glacial Art!!!
I haven't been to Scotland since I was 12, so I had been very excited for about 2 weeks waiting for this!
Getting up at 6am on a Saturday wasn't so enjoyable but it was definitely worth it.
The drive to Scotland was beautiful, a large quanity of it was driving between the dales/valleys, which were lovely, but some of them did look like bums, which led to a strange conversation in the van, but most of our conversations are at least a little bit strange so it's okay!

The sculptures this time were for a sponsors event at the Langholm Rugby Club; they had put up a big marquee, which they had managed to get a bar into, I was very impressed. But not as impressed as everybody else was with the ice sculptures.

Yes, those are rugby balls suspended in the ice! It's so awesome and heavy.

These eight are the tables centres the company created for the event, each has a logo of one of the sponsors.   Before placing them in the boxes a light was put in the bottom of each to shine through the ice.

Look at that! How awesome are the massive sweets...and the pick'n'mix...and the popcorn!

While the event was happening we buggered off for a nice drive around the Scottish countryside, well maybe, I got a little confused as to whether we were in England or Scotland at different times, but it was pretty nonetheless. 
Once we had had our little drive we went to Carlisle, somewhere I'd never been but always wanted to, it was damn pretty, some of the architecture was just amazing, however their high street is rather crowded and the traffic was terrible, but anyway, we went to watch the new movie 'BattleShips' with the remainder of our time. To be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was impressed with Rihanna, not because she was good, but because she was better than I thought she was going to be, however she didn't look good as a navy girl, sorry Rihanna. 
Oh and once we got back to take the sculptures down, I got to help smash them; oh my god, how bloody amazingly awesome!!! I was given a pair of gloves and an Ice pick and off I went, if I do say so myself; I was brilliant. Just Kidding, but seriously it was so much fun. 
Then we started on the drive home, which was beautiful as the sun was setting during some of the journey so it turned the countryside some lovely colours and all the way we were looking forward to some Chinese once we got home and to just relaxing on the sofa. 
All in all I had an amazing weekend.
So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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4 Lovely messages

  1. Sounds like you had a really good time! I am so jealous you got to help smash the ice sculptures! That actually sounds so fun.
    The sweet corner looks amazing as well.
    Glad you had a nice time :) xx

    1. It was fantastic! First time I've ever been there while they've had to smash them, also I've been waiting over 6 months to smash smash smash, haha. Was so much fun.

  2. shooeeeeessss post? like what you wear your heels with?
    (dont mean to be going on)!

    1. Voila...


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