Spring Clear Out!


First of all, I must say a massive sorry to my friend Alex; I promised her there would be a new post by Monday, and it never appeared, I am very sorry.
To be honest, one of the reasons for the lack of posts is that I haven't really done much this Easter Holiday. This Easter weekend my family went away in the caravan to somewhere near Birmingham, and being 18 I luckily didn't have to go. However my 15 year old sister had to stay home too! Mucho frustrating, as it basically ruined my weekend, I was planning on staying at a friend's house, but no I had to come home each and every night, because apparently she can't sleep without burning the house down *sigh*
And all this made the weekend rather expensive. But my friend, being lovely gave me the money to get the train home, for 4 nights in a run, isn't he sweet? Despite the constant travelling, which added up to 4 hours per day (apart from Sunday; he was working, so I stayed home), I had a lovely time; we turn into complete pigs; sit and watch TV while eating lots of junk food and getting fat, how could I have asked for a better weekend?
But anyway, today I organised my wardrobe, something I have been planning to do for a while, but since I had to clean the entire house as my Parents were coming home I thought as might as well sort my room too!

Looking at the photo that doesn't seen like a lot of clothes, but it obviously took over most of my bed and that was just the stuff I was keeping. Plus I had to put away the trousers I was keeping because all my tops were taking over. There are also quite a lot of clothes in the wash that I will be keeping, as I've obviously worn them recently, therefore I love them. These piles don't anything that was hung up in my wardrobe! =O
Even I was astounded by how many clothes I had/have.

Nice big pile of clothes that I'm not keeping, have now been placed in 3 big bin bags until I decide what to do with them. Because who doesn't want their bedroom to be nice and cluttered?

But SERIOUSLY look at how organised that is now AND I even have a SPARE self!!! However I'd had to put some of my shoes on that self, because my shoe draw is full, plus I refuse to remove my Office Shoes from their box, they cannot be mingled with the other, not as pretty shoes, mucho importante!  I also discovered how many dresses I had, I didn't think I had anything to wear out, but I'm sure I'll be able to make do now!
I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter, I also hope you're not all quite as fat as me right now!
So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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2 Lovely messages

  1. I LOVE cleaning out my closet. I even get antsy when I can't sort something out! Doesn't it feel great to have more space? :)

    1. Feels amazing to know I can actually buy some nice clothes that won't get destroyed in my wardrobe. I need to sort out my desk too, that truly is a mess!


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