A Little bit of Pretty!


Thought I'd do a post about some pretty clothes and stuff I've seen recently, that I want, but won't admit to my boyfriend that I do...


My obsession with duck egg blue continues...
My boyfriend and I were in Outfit (a shop that sells about 5 of the high street brands; and since they've all closed in Southport, it's the closest place I can go to lust after clothes without going to Liverpool , and I'd been given a time limit of 15 minutes to look around, how ridiculous, and anyway, we come across this dress, that I stare at for a second then move on, but my boyfriend must have seen something light up in my eyes, because he instantly offered to buy it for me, it's £39, I am not letting him buy me something that expensive! Even though he is under the impression that if he'd asked one more time that I would have given in! He's always offering to buy me nice stuff, and it's not fair because I can't get him anything in return so I have to say no *sad face*, but how pretty is the dress.
And then I drag him over to the shoes because I love shoes! and see these nice black one, and I kind of need a nice black pair that I can wear with anything, because my old ones are either too tight, not high enough or are not suitable to wear with tights, deary deary me. So I put them on and they were lovely and he offered to buy me them and again I said no; dun dun duuuhhhhhh! He also found it funny that even with them on I still wasn't tall enough to kiss him without stretching up a little! (I am of perfectly average height, he was just being mean!

So yes, here are the pretty things I like very much at the moment, and wouldn't they be nice to wear to his Uncle's summer wedding? Am I an idiot for not letting him buy me stuff?
Ah well, whats done is done!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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