A Little Bit of Shopping {06/06/14}


Holiday Style

Nude Floaty Vest| Primark| £4
I think these tops are such good value, and there are several different versions; jersey print versions, viscose print versions, plain with floaty trim versions, etc etc. I think they are great and yet this is the first one I've bought, but I wanted a nice light pretty top to wear on holiday and this top fit the bill, at least in our store we have a nude one, navy one, mint one, medium blue one and I'm pretty sure there is a black one. I got a size too big so that it would be really floaty and look great with skinny jeans and heels.

Black Slouchy Vest| Primark| £2
Yes, this a a future DIY, I'm sure it'll be very obvious when I drop the hint of the World Cup, but you shall have to wait to see the finished product. And for only £2 if it goes wrong I can just get another vest top. This vest is called a "slouchy vest" designed to be bigger and make of quite soft and comfortable fabric. Also great for holidays and hanging by the pool.

Set of 9 Earrings| Primark| £1.50
I've had my eye on this set of earrings for a while now, I love the simple shapes. I tend to usually leave my second lobe piercings empty, but when one got infected and started to close up I decided I should probably start wearing earrings in them, so the small circles, squares, triangles etc. look great, but simple.

Sunglasses| Primark| £1
These are fabulous, I had a pair of these before, however I somehow managed to lose them, I still have no idea where they are, I thought there were in my big handbag, no, then in my work locker, no, small handbag, no, bedroom, no. So for a quid, I just bought myself another pair. Last year I had some aviators, however I feel like I'm trying too hard to look cool with them on, and these slightly more vintage themed ones suit my face just as well, so thought I'd try them this year!

Rose Print High Waist Bottoms| ASDA George| £5
Since the beginning of May I've been looking for the perfect affordable bikini that will hide my many sins. So a high waisted bikini seemed like the perfect option. I tried many different websites and shops, but they were either too expensive or didn't fit, so eventually I started looking at supermarkets, and luckily they George had a couple of high waisted bottom options, however I was a little worried as they didn't look that high on the website image, however once I tried them on I discovered they are definitely waist high and hide my horrible red stretch marks; yay!

Rose Print Bikini Top| ASDA George| £8
I love the kind of vintage feel the print has, usually I would have gone for a darker colour, but I had to compromise and the cute little bow on the front reminds we very much of the 50's.

Accessory Hanger| Primark| £2
Have you ever had the problem where you put all of your jewellery in one box and every single one gets entangled with the others, well I definitely was, and I've got slightly back in to wearing necklaces so I though it would be a good idea to get them slightly organised, originally I was going to do it as a DIY, but the stuff I would have needed would cost more than this cool little do-dat. This accessory hanger also comes in black and is covered in a soft felt feel fabric and has 11 hooks, so you can get a fair amount of accessories on there. You can differ what accessories you put on there, I'm considering buying another one for my scarves, oh, decisions, decisions.

Anybody else found any good summer buys?

And remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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