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At the request of an anonymous commenter I am posting about my beloved shoes.
Let's just get this straight I love my Shoes. Love with a passion, it is no ordinary relationship; if a guy left me with bad bruises I would not be running back, but when my shoes leave me in immense pain I will be going back to them again and again.
So here are a few of my pairs from my shoe collections:

Love these, although they can be slightly uncomfortably, but by jove they look good!

Pretty much my everyday shoes

Not worn very often because they are so bright

I wear these quite a bit in the winter.

Love these: usually for when I feel like wearing the
 'Rocker Chic'  look.

These use to be my go to heels, but no more.

These look especially good with dark blue skinny
jeans, long sleeved white top and leather jacket
usually I include my gold keys necklace.

Bought these for a wedding a couple of years ago,
I love the bow, they're so cute.

What I want to say about these shoes would look silly in a caption. 
These shoes are the love of my life, if I was a pair of shoes myself I would marry these and never let them get away. 
They go with pretty much anything, despite the really bright colour. I wear them nearly every single time I go out. Going out being to parties, dinners, clubs etc.
I bought them as a Christmas Gift to myself 2011 as I knew my Mum wouldn't be buying me any shoes like this. They are the most expensive shoes I own, coming in at £68, but I swear I will get my moneys worth!
I love them so much that sometimes when I have nothing to do I will out them on and just sit on my bed with my legs in the air staring at my lovely shoes. This is actually really good exercise because after about 5 minutes you really need to start using your abs!

P.S. Today was the first 6 hours of my 15 hour final Art Exam and I am completely shattered and my back is a mess, all I want to do is cuddle into my pillows with my massive duvet and fluffy blanket.

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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2 Lovely messages

  1. Those first boots are awesome! It's so sad when you own a great pair of shoes that are slightly uncomfortable. I have a hard time letting go of shoes like that so I'll wear it a few times until I can't take the pain anymore :(


    1. Believe it or not they only cost £7!
      I did a massive clear out of shoes about 6 months ago, it was so sad!
      The pain can be horrible; I've walked a mile home with no shoes on because I couldn't take it any more.


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