Fluffy Tablet Computer Case {DIY}


Two of my lucky younger siblings received mini tablet computer things for Christmas. So I was commanded by my Father to make them something to keep them in, we all know how messy little kids can be. I was struck by inspiration when I remembered the material my Mum had given me to make cushion covers with, (which I just never got around to) a lovely fluffy material used before as my little sister's costume for her role in the Christmas Nativity as a Shepard. Because who doesn't love something fluffy.
(Besides your material you will also need; thread, a needle and/or sewing machine, a button, a pen and scissors.)

1. Place your tablet on your material, cut a long strip, making sure that the tablet can double over and there is still some extra material at the top.

2. Draw a rectangle around your tablet on the wrong-side of the material, making sure there is a gap of at least half a CM between the tablet and the line. Also make sure there is excess material on the outside of your line. Fold your material in half, ensuring you have you extra material at the top (for the flap), and sew down your two longest lines to create a pocket.

3. Pull your material through, so its the fluffy material on the outside, and place your tablet inside, fold over the flap and place a button on the pocket, where there will be enough of the flap to button it up, and sew on.

4. Cut a small slit where the button meets the material on the flap. I then sewed around the edges of the slit, just to make sure the material didn't fray. At first it may be difficult to button-up and unbutton the case, but it will ease a bit with perseverance.

5. Slip in your tablet computer and VOILA! A nice fluffy case.

The two satisfied customers looking very cheeky. They do love to cuddle them. Quote from Abs "It's very very very very good in real." 'In real' apparently means in real-life in the world of a 6 year old, I think the world should be worried when 6 year olds are making up slang. Hope you like my first DIY.
So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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