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Like many people out there I began the new year, to say the least, slightly intoxicated. However this did not stop me from making the same ridiculous resolution I make every year: to lose weight, evidently I have never kept to this one. So when the consequences of said intoxication had worn off, I could rationally think through some resolutions that could actually benefit my life.

At least I can say I have definitely kept to one of my resolutions. Today, I am starting my blog, starting to share my life with the world, endeavouring to bring a little more colour into my life and the lives of others. 

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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2 Lovely messages

  1. I like your resolutions! Good luck :-D


  2. Thank you.
    Hope I'm doing well so far, hopefully my luck won't disappear, fingers crossed.


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