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Exactly a week ago I went for a taster session at the college I wish to attend next year to do my Art and Design Foundation Diploma. Despite arriving just the tiniest bit late I didn't give a bad first impression as I'd already met the two women doing the workshop beforehand. All the art rooms at the college completely amaze me: they are just so big and there is so much equipment, it's like one of my personal heavens.
For our workshop we were doing heat transfers, oh the excitement! For those who have never heard of this, we were transferring images we had painted onto paper with ink on to fabric, it worked just like magic. When I finally go to this college, I swear I will be spending a fair amount of my time using the heat press, which by the end of that year may mean I look like the hulk; you need some serious muscle to push down the handle, the facial expressions people make are to say the least, fairly amusing. The heat press went over 200 degrees C, very very hot, so to protect the paper and material we had to put a layer of grease proof paper over it, even when removing it by the edges left you with a little hotter than toasty fingers.

The first two images are my designs on paper, as you can see the ink transfers into much brighter colours, so don't be deceived by the original designs. After finishing this piece I completely feel in love with my poppy design, it is now one of my ambitions to create a dress covered in that poppy design, it shall become one of my signature dresses!

Here's a lovely closer look at the design. I have also discovered that I love painting flowers in a very sketchy manner, like the poppy; I love the contrast of bright colours and how not all of it is painted.
For the second design I did I used the silhouettes of ballerinas the design was painted with completely black ink, however, when I tried to repeat the pattern the strength of the ink faded and the black came out a little more red, but practice makes perfect so I didn't mind so much. So with a little more practice it can only get better.

This is something I really love doing, being creative is amazing even if at times it can drive you a little bit crazy. Make sure you always do something you love, because if you don't it's just not worth it.
So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little.  

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