Florence Fridays!


I didn't want to title the post 'Thank God, it's Friday', because how typical and predictable would that be, but seriously, thank God it's Friday, I can sleep, something I have been seriously deprived of this week. 
Fridays are now and forever (well, until we leave college) dedicated to Florence and the Machine on our way to college in the car; what a better way to wake yourself up by listening to and singing along to completely outstanding music. Florence is someone I truly love at the minute and I find her completely inspirational; she is a real woman, with an amazing talent. And I must say she is one of my role models.

I was lucky enough to be given the new album 'Ceremonials' for Christmas and I just can't stop listening to it, there is something about her voice that is so captivating, combined with the original lyrics, you are transported to a land of musical bliss. I've found she is one of the only artists who actually sounds the same on her CDs as she does on stage, there is obviously no need to change her voice, because it wouldn't be her, it wouldn't be the her that all her fans know and love.

Although it was not our morning drive to college, my friend and I ensured we listened to Florence as we travelled for our little outing; a trip to the swimming pool. And I must say, despite the tight and dry skin, very sore legs and sore triceps, we both left feeling refreshed and just a little bit healthier, before blasting out more Florence and the Machine on the drive home. All in all, a very good Friday, with time for lots of sleep at the end of it.
So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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