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About a week ago I was given back my Art exam from last year (Unit 2). Although being given work back is a normality for an art student I was still rather excited, I hadn't seen this work in months and it always gives me a little thrill to see how my skills have improved and remember using all different media.

(Experimental Photographs)

Here is my Statement of Intent for this project:

After choosing to look at 'Twisted and Intertwined' I went out and took photographs of a selection of naturally twisted and intertwined objects and a variety of man-made items. After looking through these photographs I became increasingly interested in the way in which jewellery incorporates twisted and intertwined aspects. The first artists I looked at was Albert Gilbert, I thought his impulsive jewellery was beautiful and I was really struck by how delicate it looked. I therefore looked at a variety of different artists to observe a range of different designs. I liked the natural aspect of Esther Knobel's work and after my development piece I wanted to follow a natural route with my jewellery.

However, I ended up developing my use of materials, but I still tried to include aspects of natural elements. I did this in my colour scheme, using blues and greens. I was very inspired by looking at artists such as Naoko Yoshizawa, Angela O'Kelly, Ana Hagopian and Nel Linssen, as their media of choice was paper, one of the materials I have worked with.

Photos of all the jewellery:

I really enjoyed working with all the different media. At first I began by just working with wire, then I added paper. There is one piece where plaited ribbon was used for the chain. I then progressed by using teabags, dying them with procion dyes and covering them with wax from the batik. Which I just admit was a lot of fun; some days I would leave art looking like I'd murdered several Smurfs with my bare hands and some days I would stand for hours messing with the wax, unfortunately I did not think to shape my eyebrows. I must worn people, if you chose to work with wire, please be careful, my fingerprints have been permanently altered because of the scars the wire has left me with. Luckily I love art and always have a lot of fun (until it gets stressful).

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. ♥ 

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