Against Nature.


First of all, sorry about the lateness of this post, but my laptop had decided to be difficult and insist that it can't accept the charger it's been using for the last 4 months, stupid thing. 
But anyway, last weekend I travelled for 4 hours with my family to visit my Auntie, Uncle and two little cousins in Milton Keynes. Proving to be a very pleasant weekend. On Saturday we went to the Milton Keynes shopping centre and I shall just tell you now that it is massive, it's over a mile long, with lots and lots of shops. So in short, it's like heaven, well it's like heaven when you have money to spend.

Among the hundreds of shops, there is a tree, kind of indoors. The indoors aspect is open to debate, however it amazed me and the life-size model cows amused me thoroughly. Seriously, look a a shopping centre! It was amazingly good exercise walking between shops, especially when you're excited by all the sales and although I had no money, my Mum bought me a gorgeous blazer from Punky Fish, there was a massive sale and everything...EVERYTHING was at least 50% off! So I plan to wear it for the first time this Sunday.
However, there was a down side to the weekend. I got bitten by, well, something. Causing immense pain every time I had to walk anywhere. Now I've been to the doctors and put on antibiotics that taste completely disgusting and leave me constantly hungry, not my idea of fun really. But I'm so thankful it's Friday and despite being on horrible meds, I plan to have a fantastic weekend.
So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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