Mini Trees: Broccoli


First thing I will say is; I Love Broccoli.
OK, now being a little more serious. As one of my resolutions states I will be taking better care of myself, therefore I have started eating more healthily, or at last attempting to; when chocolate isn't being extremely tempting! I have also started to exercise more, I mean, just this week I have already been for two runs, holy cow! As well as trying to do at least sixty sit-ups a day. But anyway, food. Recently I've been craving broccoli like no man's business, so when I finished college early on Tuesday I got off my lazy arse and went to Tesco to buy some. 
This is where the healthy part starts, when I got home I made myself rice and broccoli with soy sauce (and not just any soy sauce, 25% less salt soy sauce, can I get a woop woop?) Rice may be a carbohydrate,  but it is very healthy, especially if you steam it like I do. To cook the broccoli, I waited until the rice was half cooked, then added a colander on top of the saucepan, put the broccoli in then added a lid to steam the broccoli (Yay for steaming!) 


Now everyday I find myself craving this, mostly I think the soy sauce makes it that extra bit yummyful, but I would eat if without if my blood pressure suddenly rockets, but that's not very likely. Food I love without feeling guilty, what could be better. If only there was low fat chocolate flavoured rice, but that's getting ahead of myself.
So what's everybody else's guilty pleasure food? (I know this shouldn't really count, but people do look at me in a strange way when I say I've loved broccoli since I was a baby (same with strawberries!) So now that I feel somewhat better about myself...
Remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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