“Eternity begins and ends with the ocean's tides.”


Today we saw the return of the Sun for two days in a row, it's truly astounding!
So my Mother, her friend and I went on a bike ride to make the most of the glorious weather.
The last time I rode through the pinewoods I was a lot younger, so it has probably been about 8 years and I remember flipping over the handle bars going down a rather big hill; ever since I have been terrified of that hill, the entire way down I had a firm grip of a brake, just so you know, I didn't die or something like that!
Once we had ridden through the woods we stopped at a cafe and had a drink, something which we all needed, we then continued to the beach where we had a lovely little picnic.
It was so beautiful I decided I had to take some photos.

How amazing is this? A musical instrument in the middle of the forest.

Abstract Art at the Beach

There were some very interesting sand cliffs as well as dunes.

This really reminds me of a postcard that you send home; Not like England at all.

More intriguing shapes in the sand cliffs.

Nearly the entire time we were laughing, which definitely makes up for the extremely sore muscles from the 10 mile cycle. Usually when I go for a bike ride this long I usually experience a phenomenon I call "Jelly Legs"; when you get off your bike and your legs almost buckle beneath you because you haven't walked in a while, it's like watching Bambi as we try to walk again. fortunate 
I hope everyone else is enjoying the sun, I unfortunately have gotten sun burnt again, it's unbelievable, twice so far this year without even leaving the country!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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2 Lovely messages

  1. Jelly legs is a good name for that feeling.

    I love the postcard-ish picture.

    1. Thanks,
      It was such a perfect day, except for the sun burn!


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